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Unearthing Excellence: Our Mining Training Solutions

Explore the expertise of Global Links Corporate Training as we welcome you to our specialized mining and technical training solutions. Tailored to tackle the distinctive challenges of the industry, our comprehensive on-demand and in-house training programs aim to empower your employees with essential skills and knowledge, fostering safe, efficient, and sustainable mining operations. Operating in Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, and across Africa, we are your trusted partner for building competence and excellence

1. Planning

In this vital step, we collaborate closely with your organization to pinpoint the precise skills and knowledge your employees require. Taking into account job roles, projects, and mining equipment, our planning ensures highly targeted, relevant training.

2. Customization

In this crucial step, we work closely with your organization to identify the specific skills and knowledge that your employees need. We consider factors such as job roles, ongoing projects, and the equipment used in your mining operations. 

3. Scheduling

There is an importance of minimizing disruptions to your regular work. Our training sessions are scheduled at a time that's most convenient for your organization. Whether you prefer weekday or weekend sessions, we can accommodate your preferences.

Our Tailored Training Process

Practical Hands-On Training:

Traditional, face-to-face training in a classroom environment.

Online Courses:

Convenient, self-paced learning accessible from anywhere.

Classroom-Based Sessions:

On-site, real-world training to reinforce skills directly at the worksite.

Delivery Of The Training

Our training methods are versatile to suit your needs. You can choose from various delivery formats. You have the flexibility to select the delivery method that best suits your workforce and operational requirements. These Include:


To ensure that your employees acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, we conduct assessments. These assessments can take place during or after the training, and the results help us confirm the effectiveness of the training program

Mine Zambia

Feedback and Improvement

We value feedback as an essential part of our training process. After each training session, we gather feedback from participants to gain insights into what worked well and what areas may need improvement. We take this feedback seriously and use it to refine and enhance our training programs for future sessions.


Experienced Facilitators

We dispatch seasoned, expert facilitators with extensive experience to conduct training sessions at your mining sites. Our facilitators are at the core of this commitment, bringing their extensive expertise, vast experience, and diligent research to bear on our training materials.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Our seasoned facilitators, industry experts in their domains, spearhead our training initiatives. Their in-depth knowledge ensures that our training content isn't just accurate but industry-leading, tailored specifically for sustainable mining practices. We take pride in facilitators who remain ahead of the curve, continuously updating their expertise to align with the latest industry trends and standards, ensuring the highest quality training experience.

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