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Striking Gold Together: Your Mining Consultancy Solution

At Global Links, our 10 years of successful experience in the African mining industry have enriched our expertise. Having actively contributed to and gleaned insights from the dynamic mining landscape, we're excited to unveil the expansion of our services. Our focus now encompasses providing specialized consultancy services tailored for African mines, supported by a team of seasoned professionals deeply versed in the industry's nuances.

Our Approach

Our approach is straightforward yet impactful. We designate a professional with tailored expertise to tackle the distinctive challenges encountered by our clients, aligning with sustainable mining practices in Africa. Our process commences with meticulous communication to grasp the specific problem areas identified. Subsequently, our appointed consultant conducts an on-site audit, melding paperwork analysis with field observations to gauge the operation's skill level in line with industry benchmarks.

Upon gathering the requisite information, our consultant crafts a comprehensive report, delivered to mine management within agreed timelines. Post-presentation, collaborative discussions with management ensue, fostering the formulation and execution of corrective actions aligned with African mining industry standards. Emphasizing a collaborative approach, we work hand in hand with the operational team to ensure sustainable and efficient mining practices.

Standard Operating Procedures:

Development and adherence to SOPs for various operational tasks.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance:

Adherence to protocols and schedules.

Blast Design:

Consideration of rock types, hole placement, depths, priming, charging, and stemming.

Safety Awareness:

Identification of hazards, risk assessments, and strict adherence to safety protocols.

Environmental Considerations:

Awareness and mitigation of environmental aspects, including vibration and noise monitoring.

Advanced Blast Design:

Utilizing available tools and conditions for fragmentation analysis, muckpile control, and floor elevation.

Our Focus Areas

Our consulting division prioritizes operational and short to medium-term planning schedules, with a specific emphasis on drill and blast operations. Key aspects include:

Mining consultant

Baseline Audits:

Assessing current skills and knowledge levels within the operation.

Findings Documentation:

Compilation and presentation of audit findings.

Realignment and Correction:

Collaborative correction of identified shortcomings with the operational team.

Training Assistance:

Provision of specific training where necessary.

Consulting Services

Global Links offers a range of consulting services for both surface and underground mining operations, including:

Virtual Reality Simulations

Develop advanced virtual reality (VR) simulations that allow trainees to practice mining operations in a safe and controlled environment. This immersive training experience can be a powerful tool.

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