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Urgent Call: Senior Chief Shakumbila Demands Government Action on Mumbwa's Illegal Gold Mining

Discover the urgent call for Government Action on Mumbwa's Illegal Gold Mining. Learn about Senior Chief Shakumbila's demands and the impact on the local community.

Senior Chief Shakumbila of the Sala-ila people in Shibuyunji and Mumbwa districts has raised serious concerns over the rampant illegal gold mining activities in Mumbwa. According to the Chief, approximately 22 kilograms of illegally mined gold are smuggled out of the district each month, depriving the local community of significant economic benefits.

During a recent courtesy call from Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Paul Kabuswe at his palace, Senior Chief Shakumbila lamented the widespread illegal mining activities and their detrimental impact on the community.

“Every month, around 22 kilograms of gold are taken out of our district and sold to private buyers at exorbitant prices, with minimal benefits for our communities,” he stated.

Government Response and Initiatives

In response to these concerns, Minister Kabuswe emphasized the government's commitment to curbing illegal mining activities in Mumbwa. He reiterated that only licensed miners would be permitted to operate in the area as part of the government’s efforts to regulate the mining sector and ensure that local communities benefit from their natural resources.

“The government is taking stringent measures to address illegal mining in Mumbwa. We are working on reinforcing regulations and ensuring that only those with proper licenses can mine gold in this district,” said Minister Kabuswe.

The Hotspot: Luili

Senior Chief Shakumbila highlighted Luili as a hotspot for illegal gold mining and urged the government to implement lasting solutions to address the issue. He called for increased monitoring and stricter enforcement of mining regulations in the area.

Impact on the Community and Environment

Illegal gold mining has had significant negative impacts on the local community and environment. The uncontrolled extraction of gold not only deprives the government of revenue but also leads to environmental degradation. Rivers and soil in mining areas often suffer from pollution due to the use of harmful chemicals in the extraction process.

Community Voices and Concerns

Local authorities and community members have echoed Senior Chief Shakumbila’s concerns. A resident of Mumbwa stated, “We see trucks and planes taking our gold away, but we don't see any improvement in our living conditions. The government needs to act now.”

Historical Context and Statistics

Historically, Mumbwa has been a region rich in mineral resources, but illegal mining has consistently undermined efforts to develop the local economy. Estimates suggest that illegal mining activities have cost the local economy millions of dollars in lost revenue over the past decade.

Government Efforts and Outcomes

The government has previously implemented measures such as the introduction of mining permits and increased patrols by mining inspectors. However, the persistence of illegal activities indicates that more robust and sustained efforts are needed.


The call to action from Senior Chief Shakumbila underscores the urgent need for comprehensive and effective measures to tackle illegal gold mining in Mumbwa. With government intervention and community cooperation, it is hoped that the district can reclaim its resources and channel them towards sustainable development and prosperity for its residents.




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