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Zambia's First Official Polytechnic Gets Funding Boost from Kagem Mining Limited

Discover how Zambia's first official polytechnic, Chapula Polytechnic, is getting a funding boost from Kagem Mining Limited and shaping the nation's future.

Exciting news for the mining sector in Zambia! Kagem Mining Limited (Kagem) has pledged its support for the construction of Chapula Polytechnic, the country's first official polytechnic institute. This investment marks a significant step towards developing a skilled workforce to meet the demands of the mining industry and beyond.

A Commitment to Community Development

The groundbreaking ceremony, led by Zambia's Minister of Technology and Science, Hon. Felix Mutati, MP, signifies Kagem's dedication to fulfilling its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the government in September 2023.  This MoU outlines Kagem's commitment to constructing the center at an estimated cost of ZMW 52.5 million (USD 2.5 million).

Equipping Locals for Success

The Chapula Polytechnic aims to empower residents of Lufwanyama and surrounding areas by providing industry-relevant skills training. This initiative aligns perfectly with the government's Eighth National Development Plan (8NDP), which focuses on promoting employment opportunities.

Building a World-Class Polytechnic

Hon. Mutati emphasized the government's vision to collaborate with Kagem in establishing Chapula as Zambia's premier polytechnic institute.  He highlighted Kagem's investment of USD 2.5 million to construct and equip the facility, positioning it as a world-class center for technical and vocational education.

Focus on Industry Needs

Upon completion, the polytechnic will be managed by the Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA). The curriculum will be designed to align with industry standards, offering courses in carpentry, plumbing, heavy machinery operation, computer skills, and information technology (IT).

A Holistic Approach to Development

Hon. Mutati highlighted the government's shift towards a more comprehensive development strategy. The new model integrates sectors like agriculture with mining, fostering a collaborative and sustainable approach.

Kagem's Longstanding Commitment

Kagem chairman, Dr. Sixtus Mulenga, expressed the company's pride in actively contributing to the growth and development of the Lufwanyama community. He anticipates the Chapula Polytechnic to significantly enhance the district's skillset and generate new trade and industry opportunities.

Investing in the Future

The Chapula Polytechnic exemplifies Kagem's ongoing commitment to supporting regional and national economic development through community-focused initiatives.  Kagem's Managing Director, CV Suresh, emphasized the project's aim to inspire young people and equip them with the skills needed to contribute to Zambia's future prosperity.

A Celebration of Collaboration

The groundbreaking ceremony was a prestigious event attended by prominent figures including government officials, industry leaders, Kagem representatives, and members of the Lufwanyama community. The construction of Chapula Polytechnic is projected to be completed by the end of 2025.

This investment by Kagem Mining Limited is a positive development for the Zambian mining sector and the nation as a whole. By equipping the local workforce with the necessary skills, Chapula Polytechnic has the potential to drive economic growth and create a brighter future for Zambia.




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