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DRC's BEE Moment: There Will Be Congolese Billionaires Thanks To South Africa

DRC's BEE Moment: There Will Be Congolese Billionaires Thanks To South Africa

The regulatory authority for subcontracting in the private sector (ARSP) and the South African company BEE Commission signed, in Kinshasa, a memorandum of understanding for the sharing of information and experiences in the field of subcontracting of the two countries. For the CEO of ARSP, Miguel Kashal Katemb, this partnership will boost the middle class in the DRC by promoting the creation of Congolese millionaires.

"The signing, today, of a memorandum of understanding between the ARSP of the DRC and the BEE Commission of South Africa is a special moment which we welcome for its boosting impact on the DRC side, with a view to of the creation of Congolese millionaires and billionaires as presented by the Head of State. Several other countries have implemented the same policy, among others, the United States in 1933, Egypt, France, Nigeria. which concerns the DRC, efforts are focused much more on the establishment of a legal arsenal on local content", declared Miguel Kashal after the signing of the memorandum of understanding.

The general director of the BEE company, Tshiediso Matona, recalled the importance of job creation through subcontracting in Africa.

“We have African billionaires and we encourage that, and we hope that with this policy we will achieve more of these kinds of successes, because these billionaires will create companies that will provide employment to our people, we have all the same objectives for our people, the success of subcontracting is in the interest of the entire continent,” says Tshediso Matona.

The signing of this memorandum of understanding was made in the presence of the South African ambassador in Kinshasa, that of the DRC in South Africa and the Congolese minister of small and medium-sized enterprises. Through this protocol, the ARSP aims to strengthen its operational capacity with a view to achieving the commitment of Head of State Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi to create jobs for the Congolese population.



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