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Subcontracting Scandal Rocks Kibali Gold Mine, up to 400 Congolese subcontractors will now benefit from the company.

Uncover the shocking truth behind the 'Subcontracting Scandal Rocks Kibali Gold Mine' and how it led to a new opportunity for 400 Congolese subcontractors.

The ARSP opens the way for a subcontracting market between 394 Congolese companies and Kibali Gold. A transactional act was signed between the Regulatory Authority for Subcontracting in the Private Sector (ARSP) and Kibali Gold, the second largest gold producer in the world and first in Africa. This signature comes after the negotiations following the conclusions of the ARSP control mission on the sites of the Barrick Group company.

The miner Kibali Gold Mine, whose production site is located in the Haut-Uele province, acknowledges having worked with ineligible subcontractors to the detriment of qualified local entrepreneurs.

“Everything that was said that was not correct or regulatory in relation to this work, and the recommendation of the ARSP was the termination of this contract, that was certainly done. It is up to us to accept these mistakes, to correct them,” said Kibali Gold Mine Managing Director Cyril Mutombo.

“We signed this transactional act which stipulates that all 394 markets must remain in the DRC. The entrepreneurs who will be recommended must be entrepreneurs who must perform well and this will go through calls for tenders, and the calls for tenders are not the ARSP which will publish, it is Kibali which will launch them and on the ARSP website, together with the federation of Congolese businesses we will also help the Kibali company to make a selection,” said the general director of the ARSP, Miguel Kashal.

The mining giant Kibali Gold Mine was listed among the mining companies working in violation of the legislation on subcontracting in their production chains with the risk of suffering the sanction of temporary closure.

The signed protocol opens up to local entrepreneurs the path to market opportunities, formerly held by the company Trade Corp Freight Forward (TCFF) and around ten others. This new market could benefit up to 400 Congolese subcontractors.



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