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Sandvik DRC Secures Key Subcontracting Rights with Local Congolese Partnership

Discover how Sandvik DRC Secures Key Subcontracting Rights with Local Congolese Partnership. Learn about their landmark move and its impact.

In a landmark move, Sandvik DRC has obtained the rights to engage in subcontracting activities within the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by strategically partnering with a local Congolese entity that now holds a majority stake of 51%.

This significant development was announced by the Regulatory Authority for Subcontracting in the Private Sector (ARSP), signaling a major achievement for the mining equipment giant.

The formal memorandum of understanding, signed between Sandvik DRC and ARSP, solidifies Sandvik DRC’s adherence to the DRC’s subcontracting regulations. Key figures at the signing included Managing Director Miguel Katemb Kashal and company representative Georges Wilson.

“Sandvik International has pledged to comply with local regulations by partnering with a Congolese entrepreneur, reflecting our corporate code of conduct,” stated Guillaume Feruzi, ARSP controller, during the ceremony.

This move marks a new era of compliance and alignment with the DRC government’s goals to boost local economic participation and cultivate a burgeoning middle class.

“The Congolese state encourages foreign investments but stresses the necessity of these investments benefiting local communities to enhance the value chain and foster socio-economic growth,” highlighted Miguel Katemb Kashal.

He urged other international firms in the DRC to emulate Sandvik DRC’s approach by regularizing their operations to support the nation’s economic development.

Georges Wilson, General Manager of Sandvik DRC, expressed contentment with the new partnership, which aligns with Sandvik’s global standards in mining equipment services.

“We have worked diligently to establish this partnership and are thankful to ARSP for accrediting our eligibility. This milestone empowers us to better serve our clients and supports the vision of creating a new class of Congolese entrepreneurs,” Wilson affirmed.

The Sandvik DRC-ARSP agreement embodies the collective efforts of all stakeholders, guided by President Félix Tshisekedi’s vision to promote economic inclusivity and regulatory compliance in the DRC.

This partnership serves as a model for international companies aiming to operate within the DRC’s mining sector, demonstrating the advantages of local partnerships and strict adherence to national regulations.



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