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Global Links Corporate Training: Your Partner in Training, Consultation, and Supplies in Africa

Discover the Power of Excellence in Mining with Global Links Corporate Training. As your go-to partner, we offer a wide spectrum of services, including comprehensive mine training, specialized water treatment workshops, and diverse technical and corporate training. Rely on us for expert consultation and premium mining supplies, empowering you to master sustainable practices, attain industry certifications, and achieve success in mining operations across Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, and beyond.


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All About Us

Embark on a journey with Global Links Corporate Training, where our story is rooted in a passion for Earth's riches and a commitment to empowering the mining sector. Today, we proudly stand as the guiding light for mining experts globally. As your comprehensive mining solutions collaborator based in South Africa, we offer state-of-the-art training programs that champion efficiency and excellence for mines not only in Zambia, Kenya, and Tanzania but all over Africa.

Through strategic consultation, we navigate clients toward informed decisions, laying the groundwork for project triumph. Delving deeper, our offerings extend to diverse services, including mine training, water treatment workshops, and various technical and corporate training. Our commitment to excellence shines through premium mining supplies and top-notch materials, ensuring your mining endeavors are fully equipped for success.

Free Webinar

Smart Mining: Unearthing efficiency with artificial Intelligence

Global Links Hosted an online webinar with Dr. Sihe Nhleko From Fratelli Analytics &

Fratelli Capital where we go through the beginning stages of Smart Mining: Unearthing efficiency with artificial Intelligence. Dr. Sihe Nhleko gives us an insight in this part 1 lecture about the use cases of AI and ways we can start utilizing this powerful tool in mining. This lecture has as now made itself available to the public and is available to watch and educate learners about AI. 

Mining Mastery Training and Workshops

Enhance your mining proficiency with our extensive mine training. Covering safety protocols to advanced operational techniques, our courses equip you with the knowledge and skills essential for success in the dynamic mining industry. Conducted through workshops across Africa, our training ensures that your company's staff is skillfully prepared to meet industry challenges.

Mining Training
Strategic Mining Consultancy

Optimize your mining operations with our Strategic Mining Consultancy. Our experts provide targeted guidance and data-driven insights to enhance projects in Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, and across Africa. From efficient resource management to sustainable practices, we assist mines in navigating the complexities of the mining landscape, and thus ensuring success in diverse regions.

Cutting-Edge Training and on Current Trends

Dive into professional development with our cutting-edge training and workshops, focusing on the latest trends in Mining, Geology and Water treatment. Our programs provide invaluable insights, ensuring participants stay ahead in this dynamic field. Join us for a journey  where expertise meets innovation for success in the ever evolving mining landscape.

Water Treatment in South Africa

Our Key Focus Areas

Our Workshops

Our comprehensive workshops cover a diverse range of topics, including mine training, geology, water treatment, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence in mining. With a commitment to excellence, we extend our offerings to on-site training, ensuring a tailored approach that meets the unique needs of your team. Whether in Johannesburg, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere across Africa, our in-person workshops provide a dynamic platform for skill development and knowledge enrichment. Join us to unlock new possibilities and empower your team for success in the ever-evolving landscape of the mining industry.

Mining consulting Zambia

Mines Often Face Various Challenges:

Safety Concerns:

Ensuring worker safety in a hazardous environment.

Environmental Regulations:

Complying with strict environmental rules.

Resource Depletion:

Diminishing reserves impacting profitability.

Operational Efficiency:

Maximizing processes and  productivity.

Supply Chain Issues:

Managing material logistics.

Technological Adoption:

Keeping up with mining tech advances.

Client Testimonials

Explore the impact of Global Links' Drilling & Blasting Training through authentic client testimonials! Dive into success stories highlighting real-world experiences, practical knowledge, and career advancements. Our trusted trainers bring expertise to both underground and surface operations.


Drilling & Blasting: For Underground and Surface Operations | Johannesburg, South Africa

Mining Training

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